CLUB Styrketreningspakke


CLUB Styrketreningspakke

Complete strength training package with CLUB power rack, CLUB training bench, Bumper Plate set and jaw lock barbell locks. Choose the type of barbell you want.

This is a professional package that fits just as well in a fitness center, fitness room in a company or for you who want the best at home.

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Economy olympic bar

Prisgunstig vektstang til 50mm vektskiver. 86" (ca 220cm) lang 28mm grep. Stivt stål. Kulelager. 

Pro weightlifting bar

Olympisk vektløfterstang produsert etter IWF standard. Passer alle 50mm vektskiver. 220cm lang 28mm grep. Fjærstål. 10 nålelager. 

Pro powerlifting bar

Olympisk styrkeløftstang. Passer alle 50mm vektskiver. 220cm lang 28mm grep. Stivt stål. Bronseforinger. Produsert etter IPF Standard.

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CLUB Strength Training Package


The package contains the following:

50MM Bumper Plate set

Solid Bumper Plates for 50mm Olympic barbells. The weight plates are extremely durable and have undergone tests with thousands of drops from a height of 2.5 meters. They are produced with a mixture of new and recycled rubber throughout, so here you get very shock and noise-absorbing Bumper Plates without the distinctive smell you get when using recycled rubber. 

The weight discs are designed with a large gripping edge so they should be easy to handle. 

The size is printed on the weight plates with color code so you can easily see how heavy they are. 

All Bumper Plates have 45cm diameter and 50mm holes for Olympic barbells 


Thickness of Bumper Plates: 

5kg: 25mm
10kg: 45mm
15kg: 65mm
20kg: 82mm
25kg: 105mm

Weight tolerance +/- 2%

1 pair of jaw lock locks.

2 * PRO Weight Disc 1.25kg (190 * 19mm)
2 * PRO Weight Disc 2.5kg (210 * 28mm)

Select the desired rod.



Club power rack is a powerful power rack with a multigrip chinning bar on top. Can be combined with all our simple exercise benches and weight sets.

A power rack is for you who want to train safely and securely. You can use it just like a squat stand, but with several options for, for example, straight ground and half ground. With the safety bars, you train safely if, for example, you train bench press alone.

Dimensions: (LxWxH): 132x118x196
Weight: 136kg


With an adjustable training bench, you have many options for strength training. The bench is simple and solid with a soft and comfortable cushion. Suitable for you who are a beginner and you who are experienced.
The exercise bench is suitable for many exercises where you only use body weight, but with a couple of hand manuals the possibilities increase considerably. Take, for example, chest press, flyes, sitting biceps curl or shoulder press, French press, standing one-handed rowing with the bench as support and much more.
You can also expand with a squat stand or a power rack, so you get the opportunity to take bench presses and other exercises where you need a straight bar.Then you get in theory a complete fitness center with the opportunity to train the whole body.

The exercise bench can be used for exercises where you sit, lie down or just need it as support. It is not just the upper body that can be trained with the bench. You can also train your buttocks and legs. Use the bench for hip thrust / glute bridge. Support one foot in the event of a Bulgarian one-legged outing, or go up and down on the bench and you will train fitness at the same time.
You can also do some challenging abdominal exercises with a simple exercise bench. Lie on the bench hip / back completely on the edge of the bench. Hold with your hands in the pillow behind your head. Stretch your feet straight forward with a slight bend in your knees, and lift them up toward the ceiling.The starting position here can be used for even more variants of abdominal training.


It is important with variation in the training, when you take chest press or fly at different angles, you also use the muscles a little differently which leads to increased muscle growth. With this exercise bench you can adjust your back both downwards (downhill) and upwards (incline).


NB! The picture differs as there are no 25kg bumper plates in the picture.


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