Pro power rack

Pro power rack

Train safely and securely with this power rack equipped with multigrip chinning bar.


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Pro power rack is a powerful power rack with a multigrip chinning bar on top, and storage space for weight plates on the back. Can be combined with all our simple exercise benches and weight sets.


A power rack is for you who want to train safely and securely. You can use it just like a squat stand, but with several options for, for example, straight ground and half ground. With the safety bars, you train safely if, for example, you train bench press alone.


Adjustable in 18 heights with 7.5 cm setting intervals.


It can be extended with pull-down / pull-up for a complete fitness center. You can also buy extra bar catches  and you want this.


Height: 208cm (214cm with pull-down)
Depth: 142cm (156cm with pull-down)
Width: 120cm

Maximum load: 225kg


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